Web logic Server Basics

  • Understanding TCP/IP and HTTP
  • Web logic Application server
  • Web logic 8 Features
  • Web logic system administrator Infrastructure
  • J2EE Components
  • Servlets
  • JSP
  • EJB

Weblogic Application Server Installation and configurations

  • WLS domain Server
  • Machine
  • Cluster
  • Directory structure
  • Starting WLS
  • Upgrading
  • Configuring Domain attributes
  • Configuring server, cluster
  • Service configurations
  • Configuring JMS options
  • Configuring Database Connectivity
  • Connection Pools, Data Sources and Multi Pools

Application Deployment

  • Auto Deployment
  • Deployment tools
  • Cluster Deployment Load balancing and session replication
  • Setting up a Cluster across multiple machines
  • Weblogic Virtual Hosting
  • Configuring Node Manager, Weblogic Server Logging
  • Weblogic Server threading model and creating own execute queue

Weblogic and J2EE

  • JMS application
  • Configuring JMS
  • Weblogic JNDI

WLS and HTTP servers

  • WLS HTTP server
  • Plug-in

Weblogic Performance Tuning Basics

  • Reduce the application down time OS ,Network tuning Basics
  • Techniques to troubleshoot and fix the OOM, Memory leak, Server Hang, Server Crash problems

Administration Tools

  • Web logic java utilities
  • Licenses,Architecture,Configurations
  • Monitoring alls the domain resources, Servers, Clusters, JMS, Connection pools etc

Application Security

  • Managing Web Logic Security and Security providers Authorization framework