SAP Business Intelligence - BI Modeling

AP Net Weaver and BI: Overview, Positioning and Fundamentals

  • Fundamentals of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • SAP Net Weaver Business Intelligence (BI) Overview
  • SAP Net Weaver Business Intelligence: Data Warehousing Overview

Logical Model

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Logical Data Model
  • BI Data Model

Modeling Characteristics and Key Figures

  • SAP BI Star Schema
  • Characteristic InfoObjects
  • Key Figure InfoObjects

Modeling DSO Objects and InfoCubes

  • Defining DSO Objects and InfoCubes
  • Standard DSO Objects and InfoCubes in the SAP BI Data Warehouse Layer

Multidimensional Modeling

  • Designing the Dimensions of the SAP BI InfoCube
  • Aggregate Modeling

Special Modeling Aspects

  • SAP BI InfoSets
  • Partitioning of InfoCubes
  • Data Mining

Objects in the BI Data Warehouse Layer

  • Data Warehousing Workbench
  • Info Providers: Business Purpose
  • Info Objects: Characteristics
  • Info Objects: Key Figures
  • The BI Info Cube: An Extended Star Schema
  • Creating Info Cubes

Data Acquisition and Transformation from SAP Source Systems

  • Data Flow: Overview
  • Loading Master Data from an SAP Source System
  • Loading Transaction Data from an SAP Source System

Data Acquisition from Other Systems

  • Extraction from Non-SAP Systems: Overview
  • Flat File Loading

Business child_list

  • BI Content Discovery (Metadata Repository)
  • BI Content Activation

Other Info Providers

  • Data Store Objects
  • MultiProviders and BI InfoSets

Administration of Data Targets

  • Administration of InfoCubes
  • Administration of Data Store Objects
  • Process Chains

Introduction to Query Performance Optimization

  • Introduction to Query Performance Optimization in BI
  • BI Aggregates
  • BI Indexes.

SAP Business Intelligence - Reporting & Analysis

First Steps in the BEx Query Designer

  • Query Designer
  • InfoProviders in the BEx Query Designer

Key Figures

  • Restricted Key Figures
  • Calculated Key Figures
  • Properties of Key Figures


  • Properties and Attributes of Characteristics


  • Variables

Exceptions and Conditions

  • Exceptions
  • Conditions

BEx Analyzer

  • BEx Analyzer


  • Report-Report-Interface

Introduction and overview of Query Designer and Web Application Designer(WAD)

  • SAP Business Intelligence - Data Staging & Extraction

Data Transfer with the Service API

  • Generic Data Extraction
  • Logistics Data Extraction
  • Enhancement of Business Content DataSources

Open Hub Service

  • Introduction to the Open Hub Service
  • Implementing the Open Hub Service

Application-Specific Extraction

  • Extracting Data from CO-PA
  • Extracting Data from FI-SL (Special Ledger)
  • LIS Data Extraction

Error handling and Real-time issues will be covered accordingly with the topics