Media and Publishing

JHSoftech helps you to create, manage and deliver the content either for reusing/ repurposing or delivery in multiple platforms. JHSoftech is ready to help. Whether you publish any STM/Scholarly or reference/Trade books; or Educational Books, JHSoftech offers complete pre-press service. We do the same for journals as well. Our customized workflows, seamless production, and total project management ensure that you reach your market on time and on budget.

No one has more expertise in XML coding technology, including front end XML, for higher efficiency, greater flexibility, and faster delivery in print or online. We pioneered technology that allows us to digitize and repurpose even the most complex mathematical documents, Research reports and findings and data tables.

High volume projects are no problem. With any project, our onshore and offshore resources provide reliable service with substantial savings.

Services Offering

  • Pre-Press production Services
    • Page Layout Design
    • Image Management
  • Imaging Services
    • Scanning
    • Image Cut-outs
    • Image Sizing & Enhancement
    • Colour Correction
  • Content Management
    • Copyediting
    • Issue Management
  • Digitsation
    • Image
    • Image over text PDF Conversion
    • Digital Edition
  • Meta Content Solutions
    • SGML / XML Encoding
    • Developing / modifying DTD / Schema
  • Ad Design & Management
    • Creative Design
    • Straight pick-ups
    • Pick-up with Changes
  • Ad Sales
    • Ad Pitches
    • Copy Chasing
    • Inbound and Outbound Support
  • Online Services
    • eCataloguing
    • Ad design & Management

  • Composition Services
    • Auto Galley
    • Parallel Publishing
  • Editorial Services
    • Copyediting, Editorial Proofreading,
    • Abstracting and Indexing
  • Art Management
    • Redrawing
    • Creating of graphics from conceptual sketches
  • Content Localisation
    • DTP, Print design
    • Print management
    • Image scanning & touching
  • Digital Archiving Services
    • OCR,
    • Scanning,
    • Data back-up & Duplication
  • Conversion Services
    • Document Conversion
    • GML Conversion
    • eBook Conversion
  • eForms Authoring & Publishing
    • Forms Publishing
    • Composition
    • Content Authoring
  • Project Management
    • Cast-off, and complete management of the project lifecycle for Books & Journals

  • Yellow Pages Solutions
    • Ad Design & Management
    • Pagination
    • Directory Keying
    • Listing Management
  • Contact Centre Solutions
    • Contact centre support
    • Helpdesk support

Information Collection and Delivery, Collection, Conversion, Editing, Storage, Retrieval and Delivery

Web hosting design and Maintenance, Web Analytics, E-cataloguing, Ad Design and trafficking

The growing complexity of demand-driven supply networks makes it imperative to see the entire supply chain picture on a daily, refreshed basis. JHSoftech provides an innovative on-demand supply chain to help Media and Entertainment companies meet the challenges of the industry.

Whether it is the smallest booklet or a full-scale directory, publishing is a complex. Only after complex and critical editing, proofing, prepress processing and archiving processes can the original content be exposed to the external audience. Tracking, efficient routing, distribution of work-in-progress-content to the right set of individuals at the right time is crucial to the success of the finished products. These steps need to be perfect in each and every repetition.

  • Vendor inventory management
  • Rampant piracy
  • Product pricing
  • Gray market
  • Unknown royalty payments
  • Limitations posed by copyright encoding in corporate businesses where content protection is unnecessary
  • The difficulty of getting answers to intellectual property matters
  • Ensure sustainability of the environment, while reducing the overall cost in the supply chain

Procurement & Sourcing
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Spend Analytics
  • RFX Management
  • Supplier Identification
  • Returns Management
Supply Chain Planning
  • Supply Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Demand Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Materials Planning
  • Production Scheduling
  • Logistics Support