Walk-in Interview

Companies and organizations generally conduct walk-in interviews to source personnel to meet their immediate need. In today's business world where growth and achievement of target is the mantra, companies need staff on short notice for fulfillment of their projects. It may not be suitable to wait for completion of long procedure involved in usual recruitment process.

In order to tackle a projected shortfall in target, to upgrade the target with a view to tap improving opportunities in the market, meet the unexpected demand in products and services, to fill the gap in human resource availability in-house due to increasing attrition, etc. companies resort to walk in interviews.

Generally candidates in marketing and sales, freshers, production and technical staff, operational staff and many other categories find opportunities in walk in interview venues. Companies advertise the interview schedule and positions to be filled, along with venue details and offers.

Usually successful walk in candidates get an offer instantly, and are required to join the company immediately. There are some disadvantages too, viz., many walk in opportunities are temporary or short-term; or if otherwise, many times companies find it difficult to retain these employees. For freshers and candidates who are not employed currently, these opportunities help them to get employed immediately.