Permanent Staffing

Today's most successful companies have realized that human capital represents the only real sustainable competitive advantage. Organizations that align their human capital with their business strategy have achieved both bottom line and strategic results. Permanent staffing is of great importance in the human resource strategy of every company today. An organization that is equipped with quality and dedicated permanent staff has a greater chance of surviving and succeeding in the long run.

JHSoftech has a full lifecycle permanent staffing services to organizations. JHSoftech helps with permanent staffing needs by providing 24 x 7 access to a diverse pool of highly talented and experienced professionals to meet the strategic and long term requirements of organizations.

Benefits of Permanent Staffing

Comprehensive solutions: As a permanent staffing solutions firm, we follow a single window approach, delivering the entire range of services,

  • Conducting technical tests, aptitude tests and in-depth interviews
  • Screening resumes
  • Verifying references
  • Working on salaries

We are responsible of the entire process so that you can focus on realizing your business objectives and do not have to worry about the staffing process.

Trained Manpower

It is lined up with latest technological developments. Continuously trained on the latest technologies. Have competency, talent and leadership skills to drive your company to greater heights.

Authentic and Reliable

JHSoftech is committed to provide you with reliable, transparent and honest services.

Our Rigorous Recruiting Process

Strict Screening of resumes, in-depth interviews and thoroughly verifying and cross checking references. Guarantee selection of genuine talent. With JHSoftech Permanent Staffing Services will strengthen your company with loyal, dedicated and competent employees.