Competetive Edge

Our vast talent pool enables us to make an impact on the 3 vital areas, viz Assured Strike Rates, No Shows Handled and Retention Management.

Assured Strike Rates
Pick the right man for the right job is what is implied by Assured Strike Rates. The edge of technology on the one hand and staffing on the other enables us to pick the right choice with the best capabilities.

No Shows handled
When we say we manage ‘No Shows Effectively’, we at Magna work from 3 angles - understanding and caring the employee’s personal needs, his location preferences, job profile matching their competencies and choice. This helps us manage ‘No Shows’ effectively.

Retention Management
How retention management is possible, is a moot question. At the organizational level, we create a strong personal bond with each and every employee of Magna. Moreover, we continually explore and provide unique initiatives to our employees to address their professional and personal needs. Our HR policies are unique to live up to their personal and professional expectations.

In sum, our clients who bank on us are assured of enhanced productivity. They constantly move up the value chain.