Supply Chain Management

It has been said that the nature of competition in the future will not be between companies but rather between supply chains. With the traditional vertically integrated organization being a thing of the past, today's global supply chains reflect the trend that no single organization controls the supply chain end to end. Most organizations tend to rely on a mix of suppliers, outsourced manufacturing, and 3 PL's & 4 PL's to Source, manufacture and distribute the products. A company's supply chain is a huge determinant in its overall competitiveness and success.

JHSoftech supply chain solution portfolio addresses all aspects of the supply chain to transform your organization into a world class organization. JHSoftech supply chain consulting focuses on delivering high value adaptive supply chain network that is more responsive, flexible and comprises of a dynamic network of supply chain partners.

JHSoftech supply chain solutions focus on leveraging technology to meet one critical business need that is: Adaptability. This adaptability is the ability to sense, respond to and thrive on unexpected change which is now the key competitive differentiator.

Business Need:
Today's turbulent economic environment, global economic downturn, globalization and the demanding customer requires every dimension of business to run with greater speed and efficiency. In addition to be able to respond to unexpected change quickly and pro actively, companies also need to seize new market opportunities .This is only possible if companies can share information real time with network partners - Suppliers, Manufacturers, Distributors and Customers. The need of the hour is an Adaptive Supply Chain business model which is more "pull" driven or "demand" driven.

To sum it up, anticipating your customer's requirements and improving responsiveness to their demands by bringing high quality, value added products to market faster than your competition is the key to success.

To achieve this you need to leverage the best in class supply chain solution tools that can enable you to plan and design Global supply chain networks more effectively, while optimizing the flow of materials, resources, cash and information.

JHSoftech Supply Chain Portfolio Objectives:

  • To enable and build a robust and successful supply chain strategy and solution to our valuable clients.
  • To provide for collaboration framework across your supply chain partners so as to react pro actively for any type of market change.
  • To enable your organization to move to the next level of supply chain excellence.
  • To provide cost effective implementation of the best of the breed technology solutions to realize your supply chain initiative.
  • Skilled and Experienced resources that understand best practices, future trends - to effectively reduce Time to Market.

JHSoftech Supply chain Portfolio:
JHSoftech provides a wide range of solutions and service that can that can help your organization realize its vision of setting up an integrated and adaptive supply chain network. The supply chain practice can help your organization build a robust adaptive supply chain network where in partners can:

  • Plan and Execute- Partners can execute more accurate plans, use a single planning and execution data model and plan for capacity and execute for demand.
  • Sense and Respond- Partners can forge deep connections with customers and partners, develop a 360-degree view of the business and practice distributed control and exception management.
  • Learn and adapt- With comprehensive analytical capabilities, partners can rapidly change existing processes and can introduce new processes and products quickly.

Getting Started:
The Adaptive Supply Chain Network, by design provides an integrated, end-to-end feedback loop that links planning and execution .This provides supply chain partners with the ability to sense changes, respond immediately and adapt to new conditions with speed and precision.

JHSoftech Supply chain Services include :

  • Building a Demand Driven Organization
  • Building Procurement Excellence
  • Manufacturing Excellence & Supply Network Planning
  • Distribution Excellence