Customer Relationship Management

The Intelligroup CRM Portfolio consists of a wide variety of service offerings which are customer centric. It incorporates knowledge of customer facing processes across industry verticals. Our Solutions can help you achieve your goals, drive value and gain customer loyalty which are key elements of a successful organization. Intelligroup can partner with your organization to define and lay down a road map for migration and transformation of customer facing processes to SAP CRM.

Business Need
In today's uncertain times, retaining customers and achieving growth targets has become very challenging. Attaining high growth rate and market penetration are the drivers for choosing the right application. Our CRM offering is packed with services that can radically bring the desired changes.

CRM Solution Benefits

  • Win new customers and increase customer loyalty
  • Increase Customer Profitability
  • Provide the best and most cost effective solutions
  • Help Organizations to improve and redefine process in line with business strategy

CRM Service Offering
Our solutions are comprehensive and span across all areas of CRM including Contact Center, Marketing, Sales, Service, and E-Commerce.

Contact Center for Sales, Service and Marketing
Contact Center Agents are the front Line of an organization. To satisfy customer expectations, the Interaction center must provide its agents with the tools which can help them respond to customer queries. They need information at their finger tips. We can work you to integrate Telephony solution with the Contact Center.

Sales teams are always under tremendous pressure to meet the revenue target. To achieve the targets and growth, they have to continuously identify new opportunities. CRM Sales consist of tools and techniques which can increases the productivity of sales professionals. The Intelligroup CRM Practice understands the challenges and pressures of the sales team and can work with you to streamline and define processes. Sales analytics can help you know your best customers, most successful products, and best geographies. Our solution will enable you to focus on core sales activities which can result in acquiring new customers and retain profitable relationships.

We can help you execute effective Marketing campaigns that are integrated with your sales activities. Marketing analytics can help understand where you should be spending your Marketing dollars.

After-Sales service build is critical to build customer loyalty and win repeat customers. Intelligroup can help organizations implement an end to end Services solution which will provide the service team and service manager information and tools they need to effectively plan, execute, monitor and analyze services.

Companies are today going all out to set themselves apart from their competitors; they are transitioning from a classical business model to innovative and sustainable business model that leverage the Web. Web based commerce is becoming increasingly important. A web based Ecommerce solution can be a major driver to achieve Business Network transformation and Partner collaboration.

Case Studies

  • Magellan - Service and CIC
  • KLA Tencor - CRM Service Implementation
  • Renesass-CRM Upgrade Project
  • Dubai International Financial Center-CRM Internet Sales
  • Maxxis
  • Eastman
  • Lennox
  • 5th Quarter