Enterprise Resource Planning

In a volatile economic environment, businesses are leaning towards innovation in their IT resources. Working with next generation enterprise software, JHSoftech Technologies provides strategic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services that face up to market challenges.

Our ERP expertise is further driven by dedicated partnerships with ERP software providers like SAP, Oracle (including PeopleSoft and JD Edwards) and Microsoft. Mapping functionalities of ERP applications against your business requirements, JHSoftech professionals provide consulting, implementation, upgrades, application management and SOA services across these domains,

  • Financial Management
  • Human Capital Management

Enterprise Resource Planning

JHSoftech’s financial management expertise helps companies transform their finance functions, provides simple solutions to complex issues, and enables organizations to manage risks, reduce costs and improve business insights.

Forecasting and Budgeting
JHSoftech helps organizations enable enterprise wide planning, use integrated applications to perform forecasting and budgeting functions and align them with their business strategies.

Accelerating Post Merger and Acquisition IT Integration
JHSoftech offers solutions for rapid integration of the acquired company's ERP applications with the parent company. We help streamlining and facilitating the merger process with fast and economical integration of business processes and IT systems.

Financial Reporting and Analysis
We offer a specialized business solution for Financial Process Re-engineering focusing on Chart of Accounts redesign, Financial Shared Services Assessment and Financial Close Cycle Optimization. Our solution will help customers achieve 20~25% cost reduction and reduce the close cycle from 7~5 days.

Governance and Compliance
Our experience in global implementations has necessitated the streamlining of processes that are compliant with the legal regulations. Using a country specific compliance kit, we offer the advantage of making the processes legally compliant with the laws of that geography.

Risk Management
JHSoftech provides Risk Management solutions to achieve high financial returns and smooth business performance by helping your business assess different risks and opportunities in various operations of the organization.

Accounts Receivable and Dispute Management Process
JHSoftech offers deployment of Dispute Management components that integrate with the Accounts Receivable function. It helps large organizations face the big challenge of effectively monitoring the disputes and track to closure, resulting in the saving of administrative cost.

Accounts Payable Process
Our functional process knowledge helps organizations get rid of challenges they face in Accounts Payable functions in an industry. We help businesses across industries to bring all processes performed in silos to one platform, from the invoice receipt process to the verification and payment. This brings about savings in both time and administrative cost, by reducing payment cycle time.

JHSoftech offers services using web-based technologies for automating processes like employee administration, payroll, benefits and training. We act as a catalyst for improvement to those who seek to move HR to a more strategic position within their organization, keeping a check on Human Capital cost. Over the years, the following HR process areas have been improved and automated for various clients using Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP applications.

Recruitment and Workforce Administration
Our solutions help organizations in automated matching and screening processes, at a reduced cost and reduced time. We help optimize resource utilization and strategize to balance the resource demand and supply to meet organizational requirements. Our services have resulted in efficient administration of valued workforce, reducing manual work and hence making HR operations effective and efficient.

Talent Development, Learning and Performance Management
Our integrated Talent Development engagements have helped our customers efficiently manage various training initiatives and effectively meet their employee’s career development needs. Our solutions focus on streamlining the performance management process and help standardize employee assessment, and monitor compensation benchmarks.

Compensation Management, Benefits Admin and Payroll
Our extensive functional experience in designing and implementing processes related to salary, bonus, incentive compensation, separation or retirement compensation and benefit processes, etc. helps our global customers achieve accurate and timely completion of these processes.

Employee Empowerment
Our solutions offer self-service functionalities to empower employees to perform various activities themselves and ensures efficient employee transactions, thus improving overall HR operations.

Absence and Time Management
Industries with large workforce and global reach achieve high efficiency through automated absence and time management solutions.