Center of Excellence

Helping Clients Meet Vital Business Needs, Quickly and Affordably...

JHSoftech's Center of Excellence is more than just a resource center. Our center provides ERP Lifecycle Management keeping the business needs in mind. We provide continual business process improvements to enhance the business users, end user, and IT operations ERP experience. Aligned with your company's business objectives, we provide solutions and support that help drive business success and maximize the value from your existing ERP investment.

The process of setting up a customer-centric business oriented Center of Excellence starts with a thorough assessment of our customer's specific requirements. Our experienced professionals use a well-defined set of assessment, transition, and long-term processes to deliver affordable and highly responsive business process improvements throughout the life cycle.

Focused on the knowledge cycle, we align business and technology to measure and improve key performance indicators (KPI's) such as return on sales, return on assets, net sales per employee, ratio of assets and liabilities, and optimize fulfillment, procurement, and production processes.

JHSoftech's Center of Excellence provides our strategic partners with business and technology experts to leverage enterprise offerings and provide the maximum benefit to the business, technology, and end user communities. Business analytics, process improvements, application management, application development, upgrades, and global rollouts are all part of our offerings.