Application Management Services

Maximize ROI through continuous Business Improvement at an optimal cost

Live ERP environments are extremely complex due to the landscape of multiple systems that are required to support the integrated business modules across various functional organizations. A balanced team of business configuration experts, technical developers and systems operations resources that work closely with the business community, is a key to define, monitor and own the deliverables for support. To add to the complexity of the application itself, business processes tend to change over time, expanding and evolving to support dynamic business requirements.

JHSoftech's ERP application management, stabilization and optimization approach is designed to enhance the business value of the investment in the enterprise system by taking a holistic view of coordinating and orchestrating operations, infrastructure, applications and application interfaces.

After all, many of the world's largest companies can't be wrong in choosing JHSoftech as their strategic partner for providing application outsourcing services.

We clearly understand that all customer landscapes are not similar. The business models, challenges and drivers for considering an outsourced solution varies between clients. That's why JHSoftech's outsourcing methodology encompasses a clear solution, specifically crafted to address the drivers behind such an initiative. Our proprietary methodology includes a comprehensive portfolio analysis, followed by a carefully crafted solution through a phased approach that addresses your business drivers and helps your IT Organization align its goals towards the overall vision of the business.

JHSoftech's Application Outsourcing solution is a results oriented approach, producing quantifiable results throughout the engagement. The Outsourcing Delivery process is built on a Value-based Framework, increasing performance in all aspects of the engagement, such as:

  • Service Level Performance
  • Support Efficiency Improvement
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Application Performance Efficiency
  • Continuous Alignment of IT processes towards Business Goals

The final solution approach is crafted based on a clear understanding of your business drivers, taking into view your Application portfolio and their dependencies on other technology frameworks in place, including, but not limited to Middleware, Data Center Operations, Infrastructure frameworks etc.

A carefully thought through, phased approach provides visible and quantifiable results in each phase of delivery. Individual metrics, designed to measure the throughput of the lifecycle of each phase, are measured and reported through scorecards. The metrics are custom crafted for your unique environment. The transition, stabilization and continuous improvement scorecards provide predictability and visibility of the phases.

JHSoftech's Outsourcing Delivery model is based on an IT Governance Framework, comprising of key stakeholders from both sides to ensure the delivery team is aligned with the overall goals of the engagement.

A recent study by a major research group revealed that ERP customers would spend 3 to 8 times their initial cost on full life cycle support. JHSoftech, with their unique outsourcing delivery model will be able to increase the ROI on your IT investments while considerably reducing the costs associated with supporting complex ERP environments. Our past experience in providing support services has proven that 20 to 35% cost savings can be achieved while significantly improving the overall efficiency of the system since we understand the nuances of managing and supporting mission critical applications. JHSoftech's vast experience in ERP implementations combined with support capabilities is a winning combination for rapid, cost effective and successful applications support. We strongly believe in the 3Es concept, namely, Expertise, Economics and Expandability, which we consistently deploy in our solutions to provide a value based, results oriented delivery model for your organization.